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This blender is cordless and lightweight—but does it work?

We put the latest NutriBullet appliance to the test.

NutriBullet Go cordless personal blender Credit: NutriBullet

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Getting active more often is probably on your to-do list for the new year, especially after hunkering down inside for months on end. Whether that means getting to the gym (once it’s safe to do so) or heading into the wilderness, a workout is even better when accompanied by a refreshing, nutritious drink.

We’ve tested personal blenders that give people the convenience of enjoying a smoothie for one, but there’s usually one caveat: the need for an electrical outlet. Enter: NutriBullet Go, the newest, cordless addition to the NutriBullet family.

About the NutriBullet Go

Four different NutriBullet Go blenders are on display, each with a different combination of fruit inside (or next to it): blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, and so on.
Credit: NutriBullet

NutriBullet Go's cordless design makes it easy to carry around.

NutriBullet Go is significantly smaller than any of the other NutriBullet blenders we’ve seen, and it more or less resembles a slim water bottle. It comes with a 13-ounce blending cup, a to-go lid, a USB charging cord, and a blade cover.

Its 70-watt motor isn’t as powerful as its predecessors—the NutriBullet Pro boasts a 700-watt motor. As a result, the Go isn’t the strongest and takes some time to make a smoothie.

However, it does offer some level of convenience for the folks who use a blender for protein shakes, as it can perfectly mix ready-to-blend pouches (sold separately) to make smoothies and shakes. To blend, simply press the button on the motor base twice and it’ll blink blue. It’ll then run a blending cycle, which takes about 45 seconds.

To find out whether NutriBullet Go is worth it, we made a few drinks, including smoothies and protein shakes.

What we like

Left: A model mixes a protein smoothie with the NurtiBullet portable blender. On the right: five different flavors of NutriBullet smoothie mix.
Credit: NutriBullet

We like using this blender for making protein shakes.

In terms of portability, no other blender can compete with the NutriBullet Go. It’s tiny and can fit in most totes and gym bags. Compared to the other cordless blenders (like the BlendJet) we’ve tested, the blending cup has a wider opening, which ensures larger chunks of cut fruits can pass through.

Safety measures are in place to prevent users from hurting themselves. NutriBullet added a blade cover, which can be screwed on to make sure the blades are secured. Further, if nothing is attached to the motor base, the blades won’t turn on.

The blender is surprisingly sturdy for its size. During blending, you can use it without holding down the base, as it won’t move around.

What we don’t like

A red NutriBullet Go blender contains kiwi, blueberries, and raspberries.
Credit: NutriBullet

Due to its low wattage, this blender falls short on its blending ability.

When it comes to large chunks of frozen fruit and ice cubes, its performance is lacking. After running a blending cycle, we noticed at least one mango cube remained intact.

If you really want to use this blender to make smoothies, you may be better off cutting fruits into smaller chunks to ensure a quality blend. (Or check out the Magic Bullet, our favorite blender for smoothies.)

Should you get a Nutribullet Go?

If going to the gym is part of your daily routine and you typically drink a protein shake after, you may find this compact cordless blender to be useful. Overall, it’s easy to use and clean, and can be convenient if you feel like blending a drink during or after exercise.

However, if you’re a smoothie enthusiast who wants a powerful blender that can blend frozen fruits and ice cubes quickly, we recommend getting our favorite personal blender for smoothies, the Magic Bullet, as its higher wattage can handle harder ingredients like frozen fruits.

Get the NutriBullet Go for $29.99

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