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Amazon's Echo Show 10 is available for preorder—here's what's new

The all-new swivel smart display arrives starting Feb. 25.

Echo Show 10 Credit: Amazon

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Amazon's new Echo Show 10 (third-generation), the first Alexa device with a motorized swiveling display, is now available for preorder for delivery starting on February 25. The new model, which was announced in September 2020, retails for $249.99 and is available in two colors: charcoal and glacier white.

Preorder the Echo Show 10 on Amazon for $249.99

About the Amazon Echo Show 10

Echo Show 10
Credit: Amazon

With the Echo Show 10, you can stream your favorite shows, follow along with recipes, call your friends and family, and more.

The main draw for the Echo Show 10 is its smart motion. The touch-enabled display and embedded camera rotates atop a round base, which allows the built-in smart technology to keep the camera and screen in your line of sight automatically.

The motion is powered by a brushless motor that enables 175-degree rotation. By contrast, a similar device from Facebook called Facebook Portal offers a 114 to 140-degree field of view, depending on the model, because it can only pan, not rotate.

The Echo Show 10's smart technology works by detecting human figures through sight and sound in the room, but does not use facial recognition.

So, for example, you can move around your kitchen while following a recipe on the Echo’s screen, and the display will always be in sight.

The third-generation Echo Show 10 contains a new AZ1 Neural Edge processor, too, which makes it faster for Alexa to give you a response when you ask questions or give commands.

Privacy and security features

Echo Show 10 privacy features
Credit: Amazon

The Echo Show 10 has a physical camera shutter to help protect your privacy.

Not everyone will want a camera tracking their every move, of course, which is why you can disable the motion system at any time. To help protect your privacy from Alexa, you can ask her to turn it off or slide a physical shutter cover over the lens. You can also mute the microphones in the same way.

Another neat feature that provides security in a different way is remote viewing. From a mobile device, you can remotely enable the camera and rotate it to see what's happening around the Echo Show 10 even if you're not home or in a different room.

The Echo Show 10 supports Alexa Guard as well. It's a feature that you must actively set up, but once you do, it sends you Smart Alerts if the Echo Show detects the sound of smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, or glass breaking.

If you pay for a Guard Plus subscription ($49 per year or $4.99 per month), you get additional security support, such as the ability to make hands-free voice calls to emergency numbers, other noise detection features, and siren sounds or dog barking sounds that play to deter potential intruders.

Doubles as a smart home hub

If you want to use your Echo Show 10 as your main smart home device, you can do that, too, because the new model can act as a smart home hub for Zigbee and Amazon Sidewalk devices (like Tile Trackers and Ring cameras). That means you don't need another hub to connect and set up supported cameras, lights, thermostats, and a variety of other smart home devices.

When you set up a smart home in this way, you can ask Alexa, via your Echo Show 10, to turn the lights on and off, see a particular camera's view, such as that from a smart doorbell, and more.

At the time of publication, Amazon is offering a bundle that includes a Blink Mini security camera with the purchase of an Echo Show 10 for an additional $5. The camera typically sells for $34.99. The Blink Mini is an indoor camera with 1080p HD video, night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio.

Video calls and entertainment

Echo Show 10
Credit: Amazon

The Echo Show 10 follows you around the room so you're always in view during video calls.

When Amazon first announced the device, it said it would support video calls not only using Alexa Group Calling and Amazon Chime conferencing, but also Zoom and Skype. It's unclear whether Zoom and Skype calls will be available immediately upon shipping or if it's expected to roll out later.

You will be able to stream videos from Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video right away, however. Support for music and podcasts is also included for streaming services like Amazon Music and Spotify.

Similar to previous versions of the Echo Show 10, you can cook using interactive recipes from supported sites, including Food Network Kitchen. You see the recipe on screen with step-by-step instructions, which you control with voice commands or via the touch screen.

When you're not actively using the screen, you can set it up to be a digital photo frame, showing a carousel of your favorite images. A color-adaptive technology works to keep your images looking good no matter the light in the room.


Preorders are currently being accepted for the Amazon Echo Show 10. The device is scheduled to be delivered starting February 25.

Preorder the Echo Show 10 on Amazon for $249.99

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