Olympus SP-320

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**The front of the Olympus SP-320 has a pronounced right-hand grip that visually alludes to a more expensive DSLR camera design. The top of the right-hand grip extends even more and provides a notched curve for the user to comfortably rest the camera on the top of the index finger for greater stability during shooting.

When facing the front of the SP-320, the lens is positioned to the left side of the camera.


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Effective Pixels 7.1 Megapixels
Battery Type AA
Height 2.6 mm
Width 1.4 mm
Detecting Range Standard Wide: 7.9 in. - infinity; Standard Tele: 11.8 in. - infinity; Close-up Wide: 7.9 in. - infinity; Close-up Tele: 11.8 in. - infinity; Super Close-up: 0.8 in. - infinity

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