Audio-Technica ATH-W5000

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The Audio-Technica ATH-W5000s have an interesting mix of various design elements.

For a sense of scale, the plug above is a large 1/4-inch affair.


The ear cups are capped off with striped ebony wood, which looks incredibly snazzy.

***We're sorry, but if you look at the above image and don't think, 'wow, these look expensive,' 

then you quite obviously have a different opinion than our own.***


The ear cups themselves have lambskin-lined padding.


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  • Pad 500
  • Freq
  • Side 500
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  • No
Weight 1.0 oz.
Driver Type 53mm
Sensitivity (at 1 kHz) 102 dB
Impedance (at 1 kHz) 40.0 Ohm

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