JVC Elation XX HA-SBT200X

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8.5 score
Product Image - JVC Elation XX HA-SBT200X
Credit: Reviewed.com / Nick Schmiedicker
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Without a doubt, the $100–$300 range of premium headphones has been shaped by the popularity and success of Beats. The primarily plastic build that still looks good and a rich, some would argue too rich, bass response does a great job of appealing to as many people as possible

Another in a long line in these headphones, the wireless JVC XX Elation Headphones (MSRP: $149.95) are great for taking the club experience home with you.


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  • On-Ear
Over-Ear Back Design Closed
Cable Type I
Weight 7.41 oz.
Cable Length 3.94 ft.

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