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The 25 most popular things our readers bought in September

From robot vacuums to Japanese bath towels, we got it all.

The 25 most popular things our readers bought in September Credit: Reviewed / Sur la Table

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September has been a whirlwind. We soaked up the last of summer, got one last barbecue in on Labor Day weekend, and shopped for back-to-school season. Honestly, I barely remember most of it. But I do remember the massive sales and deals that went alongside these events (and so does my wallet). There were a ton of sales on things like clothing, mattresses, and cooking supplies that definitely piqued our readers’ interest.

In celebration of the end of the month, we thought it’d be fun to look back at all of the incredible things that our readers bought this September. From the best truly wireless headphones to Bean Boots and more, these are the 25 products our readers were most obsessed with last month.

1. Anthropologie had a ton of sales

Credit: Anthropologie

Anthropologie had so many sales this month and our readers took advantage.

Here at Reviewed, we can’t get enough of Anthropologie or their incredible-smelling Capri candles.But the urge to reach for our wallets really hits when the trendy retailer hosts a sale—and this month there was a ton. We celebrated Anthro Day at the end of September, shopped their home sale, and dug through their sale-on-sale. And while you may have missed those sales, you don’t have to be sad because you can still get 30% off their sale items right now.

Get 30% off Anthropologie sale items

2. The cult-favorite Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods
Credit: Reviewed / Michael Desjardin

We love AirPods—especially when they're on sale

It’s rare to see a sale on any new Apple product, especially the coveted AirPods. But we found a $30 discount on the latest wireless charging model on Amazon, and our readers went nuts. Airpods are the best truly wireless headphones we’ve ever tested because they offer incredible audio quality and a long battery life. Psst, the sale is still going on, so you still have the opportunity to snag them at this amazing low price.

Get the Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (Latest Model) at Amazon for $169

3. A smart scale to reach goals

Eufy Smart Scale C1
Credit: Eufy

Give an upgrade to your traditional scale.

Smart scales not only measures your weight, they can also track body fat, BMI, bone mass, and muscle mass, which is great whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle. This one from Eufy comes with an app that sends all that data to your phone, making it easy to track everything in one place.When it was on sale for $10 off in September, it was no surprise that loads of our readers took advantage of the discount to try it out for themselves.

Get the eufy Smart Scale C1 at Amazon for $29.99

4. A rechargeable flashlight

Anker Bolder LC90 Rechargeable Flashlight
Credit: Anker

Light the way with this popular flashlight.

Flashlights are one of those things that when you need it, you can’t find one—or you can’t find the batteries for it. The Anker Bolder LC90 is the upgraded version of our favorite affordable flashlight, and caught our readers’ attention because it’s rechargeable—a.k.a. you don’t have to go searching for odd-shaped batteries when the power goes out. Plus, it will be charged the next time you there’s an emergency or you need to check out a dark crevice in the basement.

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Get the Anker Bolder LC90 Rechargeable Flashlight on Amazon for $29.99

Instant Pot
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

This is the best Instant Pot out there.

I don’t think a month goes by when an Instant Pot isn’t featured on this list. This month, the Instant Pot Ultra was on sale for $84, which was especially exciting because it’s also the best electric multi-cooker we’ve ever tested. It has an easy-to-read LED screen, a central dial, and 10 cooking functions, which makes it a superior choice to the popular 7-in-1 DUO60 model.

Get the Instant Pot Ultra on Amazon for $109

6. A shampoo and conditioner set with apple cider vinegar

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set
Credit: WOW

You might not like the taste of apple cider vinegar, but it could do wonders to your hair.

With more than 6,000 reviews and a 4.1-star rating on Amazon, this shampoo and conditioner set has earned cult-favorite status. It’s unique because of one ingredient: apple cider vinegar, which claims to help repair thin, damaged hair as well as reduce hair loss, detoxify hair, and leave your locks feeling super-soft and moisturized. When it was included in a Goldbox sale earlier this month, many of our readers decided to put it to the test for themselves. While we haven’t had a chance to test it in our labs just yet, we think it might just be worth seeing what all the fuss is about for yourself, especially if it goes on sale again.

Get the WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set at Amazon for $29.94

Credit: Wayfair

There's always a sale at Wayfair, so you can find just want you need.

Wayfair always has at least one sale running on any given day, but in September, a few impressive ones gave our readers good reasons to upgrade their homes. With a massive Labor Day sale and insane 48-hour flash sale, shoppers were able to save up to 70% on highly rated items. If you’re bummed you missed out, don’t be—you can still shop the Fall Refresh sale happening now.

Shop the Wayfair Fall Refresh Sale

8. This top-rated breakfast sandwich maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Credit: Hamilton Beach

The easiest way to get your breakfast sandwich fix.

A good bacon, egg, and cheese is one of the best ways to start your morning. But preparing them can be a bit of a hassle, since there are so many different components that can be messy and time-consuming to make. Perhaps this is why our readers are obsessed with this sandwich maker that has more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon. The usually $25 gadget dropped in price by $5 (and it’s still on sale), so loads of our hungry readers took the chance to streamline breakfast.

Get the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker at Amazon for $19.99

9. The coveted Bean Boots

Bean Boots
Credit: L.L.Bean

Bean Boots are quintessential for fall.

Bean Boots and fall go together like peanut butter and jelly. They look good with nearly any outfit, especially flannel, and are completely waterproof, making them ideal for chilly fall showers. L.L.Bean had a sale in September that offered 20% off Bean Boots and rain gear, and our readers took advantage of it. While you can’t get them on sale any longer, you can still find Bean Boots in limited edition flannel patterns.

Shop for Bean Boots at L.L.Bean

10. An easy way to make iced coffee at home

Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker
Credit: Takeya

It's never too cold for iced coffee.

No matter how cold it is outside, iced coffee is always the answer for many of us—and the best way to make it at home is with our favorite cold brew coffee maker. The Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker is easy-to-use, has an airtight seal, and produces the best cold brew we’ve tasted. It’s even still on sale for $3 off, giving you even more incentive to make coffee at home.

Get the Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker at Amazon for $16.99

11. Mattresses in a box on sale

Credit: Nectar

Mattresses like Casper and Nectar we're quite popular with Labor Day sales.

Labor Day is synonymous with mattress sales, and this year our readers scored some amazing deals on all sorts of mattresses, especially from two of our favorite mattress brands: Nectar and Casper. Both offered incredible discounts that included two free pillows. What more could you need for a good night’s sleep? While those sales may be over, you can still get $100 off at Nectar and there are sure to be others soon, as we’ve seen mattress sales crop up around the holidays, too.

12. Our favorite affordable Bluetooth speaker

Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Pump up the jams with this popular speaker.

Having a portable Bluetooth speaker is never a bad idea. They’re super handy whether you’re jamming in your dorm room, hosting friends, or taking a trip. This one from Anker is the best affordable Bluetooth speaker we’ve ever tested because it’s reliable and has a 24-hour battery life without costing too much. Bonus: It’s still $4 off if you clip the on-page coupon.

Get the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker at Amazon for $23.99

13. A compact Echo Show

Echo Show 5
Credit: Amazon

For when you want an Echo Show but don't want to pay full price.

Earlier in September, the new Echo Show 5 was discounted by $25, and our readers nabbed a ton of them. It’s essentially a cuter, more compact version of the Echo Show—not to mention cheaper. While the sale is over, the Show 5 is still a great choice if you want a smart speaker with a screen for under $100.

Get the Echo Show 5 at Amazon for $89.99

14. One of our favorite car chargers

Maxboost Car Charger
Credit: Maxboost

Get this affordable car charger before your next road trip.

Surviving a long car ride is hard enough, but it becomes even more of a struggle as your phone’s battery hits the red zone. We need these things to navigate, play musical, and call someone if we’re in a pickle, so keeping them charged is essential. The Maxboost car chargers were discounted $2, which also happens to be one of our favorites, so our readers decided to purchase a bunch of them.

Get the Maxboost Car Charger at Amazon for $7.99

15. The best electric kettle on the market

Cuisinart PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

There's nothing like a cozy cup of tea to warm you up.

Electric kettles are superior to their stovetop counterparts. They boil water much faster, have specific temperature options, and ding when it’s done instead of making an annoying whistle. Our favorite electric kettle went on sale for just $50 and our readers bought it to brew warm mugs of tea all fall and winter long.

Get the Cuisinart PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle at Amazon for $70.99

16. A replacement for dryer sheets

Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls
Credit: Smart Sheep

Meet your replacement for dryer sheets.

Whether you’re trying to be more sustainable or are worried about the chemicals in dryer sheets, wool dryer balls are a popular alternative. These ones also claim to shorten drying time (though, were testing to see if this is true or not) and last 100 loads. They have been quite popular with our readers, especially last month. At only $17 for six balls, they may be able to help save you even more on your laundry and dryer sheets over time.

Get the Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls at Amazon for $16.95

17. A way to clean your garbage disposal

Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Cleaner
Credit: Glisten

Is your garbage disposal starting to smell again?

This month we dove into how to clean a garbage disposal, so if you have any concerning smells coming out of yours, you may want to check out our tips. Our readers were just as concerned, and decided to add this foaming cleanser to their Amazon carts that we recommended. It claims to not only eliminates odors, but also clean your entire disposal. What’s not to love about that?

Get the Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Cleaner at Amazon for $5.87

18. The best silk sleep mask we've ever tested

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Sweet dreams are that much easier with a highly rated sleep mask.

Getting enough sleep at night is tough enough, but it’s even harder when the slightest light is keeping you awake. That’s where a good sleep mask comes in, and our readers were obsessed with this silk one from Alaska Bear when it was on sale for $2 off. It’s also our favorite silk sleep mask because it is large enough to really give you full coverage so no light sneaks in at the bottom, making it easy to catch some Zzz’s day or night.

Get the Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask at Amazon for $7.99

19. High-end cookware from Sur la Table

Sur la Table
Credit: Sur la Table

The most popular cookware brands were at some of their lowest prices with this sale.

Cookware brands like Le Creuset, Staub, and All-Clad typically come with a high price tag that makes them desirable, but out of budget for many of us. So whenever we find them on sale, we jump at the opportunity to buy them at a reasonable price—and so do our readers. We found all these brands and more on sale during the Sur la Table Anniversary Sale, which is offering up to 70% off and still going on, for now.

Shop the Sur la Table Anniversary Sale

20. The best affordable robot vacuum

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S
Credit: Eufy

Get an inexpensive 'bot to do your dirty work.

Vacuuming is one of the worst and most tedious chores. But if you want sparkling clean floors, you have to do it every single day—unless you have a robot vacuum to do the dirty work for you. Plus, you don’t even have to spend too much to get a sufficient one. The Eufy RoboVac 11S is our favorite affordable robot vacuum, and is consistently a favorite among our readers month after month.

Get the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S at Amazon for $219.99

21. This highly underrated bath towel

Salux Japanese Beauty Wash Cloth
Credit: Salux / Reviewed

Your showers will never be the same.

If you’ve only used plush bath towels your entire life, then you’re seriously missing out. This Japanese cloth may look like a wash cloth but it’s actually an exfoliator you use in the shower to give your skin new life. One of my coworkers tried it and loves it, and many of our readers decided to give a shot in September as well.

Get the Salux Japanese Beauty Wash Cloth at Amazon for $11.17

22. The best personal blender we've ever tested

Ninja Fit
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Morning smoothies have never been easier—or cheaper.

If you don’t have the space (or the money) to invest in a full-sized professional blender, then a personal one is your best bet. Not only can you use these smaller blenders to whip up sauces and smoothies, but the mixing containers double as a cup for on-the-go sipping. This one from Ninja is our favorite personal blender, and it’s still on sale for $10 off as we head into October, which is why so many readers bought it in September.

Get the Ninja Personal Blender at Amazon for $39

23. These innovative ties to hold your cords together

Nite Ize Original Gear Tie
Credit: Nite Ize

Keep your cords untangled for a low price.

Cords and headphone wires tend to get tangled very easily, and it’s really a pain in the butt to untangle them over and over again. Our readers decided to stop the problem before it starts with these innovative and reusable gear ties. At three inches long, these flexible ties are the perfect size for wrapping around headphone cords or tidying up cables behind your TV.

Get the Nite Ize Original Gear Tie at Amazon for $2.98

24. The best coffee maker on the market

Technivorm Moccamaster CDGT Coffee Brewer
Credit: Technivorm

This coffee brewer may change your life—and it lasts forever.

Whenever a Technivorm Moccamaster goes on sale, our readers go wild for it. This expensive coffee brewer is the best of the best and brews your coffee to between 196 and 205 degrees, which is the ideal temperature for the best tasting coffee. We found a sale on Drop that brought the price down nearly $100 off the usual $230 price to the delight of many of our coffee-drinking readers, and it ends on October 2, so you still have time to get in on the savings.

Get the Technivorm Moccamaster CDGT Coffee Brewer at Drop for $229

25. REI Labor Day sale

Credit: Reviewed / REI

Our readers scooped up some popular outdoors products at REI this month.

REI has a massive Labor Day sale every year, and this year our readers bought everything from Patagonia Better Sweaters to headlamps for their next camping adventures. Although the sale is long over, you can still find plenty of incredible products at the retailer for under $50. REI also has a great deals page filled with amazing prices on some popular brands like ENO and North Face if you love finding a bargain.

Shop the REI deals page

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