Lenovo LaVie Z HZ750

$1,499.00 MSRP
7.0 score
Product Image - Lenovo LaVie Z HZ750
Credit: Reviewed.com / Nick Schmiedicker
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It’s a tale as old as time: If you want something that’s lightweight and portable, you’re probably going to have to sacrifice somewhere. For laptops, the trend lately has been to go with weaker components that are more power efficient, like Intel's mobile-friendly Core M processors. Thankfully not all manufacturers think alike and Lenovo has gone in a different direction with the LaVie Z 360 (MSRP: $1,449.00).

Coming in at a scant 2.


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Type Hybrid
Operating System Windows 8.1
Length (short end, closed) 8.54331 in.
Width (long end, closed) 12.5591 in.
Thickness (closed) 0.6653543 in.

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