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I got a Nest Mini—now how do I set it up?

The process takes less than 10 minutes.

How to set up your Nest Mini Credit: Google

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Smart assistants can make life so much easier—and Google Assistant is no exception. If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of smart home, a smart speaker like the Nest Mini from Google is a fantastic place to start.

What is a Google Nest Mini?

The Nest Mini is a much-improved version of the Google Home Mini, but it’s been given a new name and a few software upgrades. The powerful little device has 360-degree sound, three far-field microphones, and Voice Match technology that can differentiate your voice from other family members. But before you get to using that, here’s how to set up your new Nest Mini.

How to set up the Google Nest Mini

Nest Mini
Credit: Google

The Nest Mini includes a power adapter so you can plug it into an electrical outlet.

When you unbox your Nest Mini from its packaging, make sure to place it in an area where you will use it the most, like the kitchen or living room.

1. Plug it in

Plug the power cord into the Nest Mini and then into a nearby outlet. You can also secure your Nest Mini to the wall with a mount like the Sportlink Wall Mount on Amazon.

2. Download the app

To continue with the setup process, download the Google Home app for your Android or iOS device. Already have the Google Home app? Check to make sure it’s up to date before proceeding. You will log in using your current Google account or you can create a new Google account. Additionally, you need a smartphone or tablet that works with a 2.4 GHz or 5GHz WiFi network and has Bluetooth turned on.

The Nest Mini will play a sound once it’s successfully setup.

3. Add your Mini to the Google Home app

After logging in with your Google Account credentials, tap the plus sign icon in the upper lefthand corner of the Google Home app. Then, select “set up device” and choose which home you would like to sync your new Nest Mini speaker with. From there, the app will scan for the new speaker and will appear in the Google Home app. Tap on the device name and click next.

The Nest Mini will play a sound once it’s successfully setup. Did you hear it? If so, click yes in the Google Home app. The app will also ask you to select the location of your Nest Mini, like kitchen, hallway, or office, to help you keep your devices organized.

4. Connect the Google Nest Mini to WiFi

Connecting the Mini to your home’s WiFi is one of the concluding steps in the setup process. Your network should appear in the Google Home app. Select it and click next.

Lastly, you will be able to turn on Voice Match, so that Google Assistant can recognize your voice and differentiate between you and other users. Not interested? Click “No Thanks” in the bottom left hand corner. You can adjust these settings later on if you change your mind. The app will also ask if you'd like to link music, radio, video, or live TV streaming services, as well as set up voice calls.

5. Get to know your new smart speaker

The final step is a short walkthrough of how to use the Nest Mini to do things like change the volume on either side of the device, tap the top to play or pause, and how to turn the mic off. To get the most out of your Nest Mini, take a look in the Google Home app to discover what smart home devices are compatible with Google Assistant.

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