Toshiba Regza 42ZV650U

$1,299.00 MSRP
42 in.
7.6 score
Product Image - Toshiba  Regza 42ZV650U
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The Toshiba Regza 42ZV650U ($1299 MSRP) is designed to be a television for enthusiasts that's also inexpensive for those on a budget. The Toshiba 42ZV650U, a 42-inch LCD, is jam-packed with special features for tweaking color, motion, and processing. Most of these features can do more damage than good, but tech heads will enjoy creating the elusive 'perfect setting.


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Series Name xxZV650U
General Type LCD
Screen Size 42 in.
Format 1080p
SPDIF (Digital audio output) 1

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