Lenovo Yoga 900s

$1,099.99 MSRP
7.3 score
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The Lenovo Yoga 900s (MSRP $1,099.99) is a slightly-stripped-down (albeit more fashionable) version of the Lenovo Yoga 900, a powerful 2-in-1 with a convertible screen that folded backwards into a tablet.

2-in-1 computers have seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent years because they offer the flexibility of choosing between a tablet for casual use and a laptop for standard, everyday tasks. But when a 2-in-1 is too much of an ultrabook and not enough of a tablet, something's gotta give.


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Type Hybrid
Operating System Windows 10
Length (short end, closed) 8.19 in.
Width (long end, closed) 12.01 in.
Thickness (closed) 0.5 in.

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