Samsung S24C770T

$649.99 MSRP
8.8 score
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Samsung's S24C770T (MSRP $649.99) is a rare breed: It's a touch-capable monitor. Despite universal prevalence within the hallowed spheres of smartphones, tablets, and "phablets," computer monitors have been slower to adopt capacitive touch screens. The S24C770T comes at a high price, and falls into a niche category.

That niche category is a double-edged sword, however. The S24C770T is so heavily-geared toward its touch capability that it bars more general uses.


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Screen Size 24 in.
Color Gamut sRGB
Width 22.10 in.
Height (with stand) 14.72 in.
Depth (with stand) 7.55 in.

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