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The Best Electric Ranges

Looking for an electric range? Here are our top-rated electric ovens.


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More common than gas models these days, electric ranges provide a good spectrum of temperatures, performing better than gas in both high and low heat situations. They don't offer as much visual feedback as gas ranges, however, so serious cooks tend to ignore electric models. That said, they have the added benefit of keeping open flames out of your kitchen. Here are our top-rated electric ranges.

LG LRE3023ST ($897-$999)


The LG LRE3023ST is one of the best ranges we have tested. Bakers should take note, because it hits and maintains consistent temperatures in the oven. Performance is otherwise strong overall, aside from relatively slow boiling times—at least compared to gas models. If speed is a need, there are some better options out there, but this range has very few flaws overall, especially considering the sub-$1,000 price tag.

KitchenAid Architect Series II KERS306BSS ($1,349-$1,525)


There is very little not to like about KitchenAid's Architect Series II KERS306BSS. Performance is great in all areas, with excellent temperature control, fast boiling and preheating, great searing capabilities, and a strong broiler. One minor problem we noticed was an above-average minimum burner temperature—not great for simmering, so you'll need to keep an eye on sauces. Even so, there's very little to complain about. The price tag is a little high compared to the market average, but it's fair for a range with such great performance.

LG LDE3017ST ($1,496-$1,699)


The LDE3017ST is one of the higher-end electric ranges produced by LG. It offers great features for the price, including 5 burners, dual ovens, an infra-red broiler, and a user-friendly interface. The temperature range is very wide: quality lows make it a good simmering range, though it doesn't quite hit the highest highs on the stovetop. We also had issues with the broiler (it was slow to heat) though, comparatively speaking, that's a niche issue. It's a solid pick for a general cook, nicely balancing price with features and performance. Compared to our other selections, however, it can cost you a bit more.

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