Insignia NS-LDVD32Q-10A

32 in.
6.9 score
Product Image - Insignia NS-LDVD32Q-10A
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The Insignia NS-LDVD32Q-10A is a 720p LCD HDTV for the budget-minded. Surprisingly though, this Best Buy store brand TV is not a clunker. Capable of deep black levels and an impressive contrast ratio, we can recommend it as a model for the kids or the guest room, especially with the built-in DVD player. Sadly, other performance failures make it less suitable for your living room.


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  • Insignia ns ldvd32q 10a blacklevel
  • Insignia ns ldvd32q 10a peakbrightness
  • Insignia ns ldvd32q 10a contrast
  • Insignia ns ldvd32q 10a tunnelcontrast
  • Insignia ns ldvd32q 10a whitefalloff
  • Insignia ns ldvd32q 10a greyscalegamma
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Series Name NS-LDVDxxQ-10A
General Type LCD
Screen Size 32 in.
Format 720p
S-Video 1

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