Bosch Evolution SHE55R55UC

$799.00 MSRP
6.8 score
Product Image - Bosch  Evolution SHE55R55UC
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Yikes! It's rare to encounter a dishwasher that completely fumbles on all our tests, but the Bosch Evolution SHE55R55UC comes pretty close. Though it retails for upwards of $800 (and that's when it's on sale, by the way), the dishwasher had serious trouble cleaning debris off stained dishes. We wouldn't recommend it to anyone—least of all someone who may be inviting us over for dinner. It's quiet, pretty easy to load, and even has a few nice options.


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Width 23.5625 in.
Depth 22.5625 in.
Height 33.875 in.
Tub Type Tall Tub

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