Samsung DW80J7550US

$999.99 MSRP
7.4 score
Product Image - Samsung DW80J7550US
Credit: / Johnny Yu
  • Best of Year 2015
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Samsung’s innovative WaterWall technology first appeared on the pricey DW80H9970US, then slowly trickled its way down to less expensive models.

The subject of today's review, Samsung's DW80J7550US (MSRP $999—on sale for $699) scales down the price by cutting back on extra features like cutlery trays and specialty cycles.

In our tests, we found that the DW80J7550US didn't get dishes as clean as other WaterWall-equipped Samsungs.


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  • Built-In
Width 24 in.
Depth 24.7 in.
Height 33.9 in.
Tub Type Standard

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