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23 things you need to buy now that it's finally fall

Because you can never have too much pumpkin or coziness in your life.

Fall Credit: Outland Living/Ember

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Fall is my favorite season. Snuggly scarves, lattes for days, and the return of pumpkin beer? How can you say no to that? If you're as equally autumn-obsessed as I am, you'll want every single one of the things on this list, from a smart coffee mug to the coziest boot socks to the best fall decor. Your wallet might not like it but you definitely will. You're welcome.

1. The softest sheets you'll ever own

Credit: Stone and Beam

Give us flannel everything, please.

If you've been using the same sheets year-round, prepare to have your mind—and your sleep routine—blown by simply swapping your cotton sheets for a set of flannel ones. These in particular have a nearly perfect rating for being super soft and cozy. One woman even claims they're the best thing she's ever bought on Amazon.

Get the Stone & Beam Cotton Plaid Flannel Bed Sheet Set from Amazon for $75.99

2. This top-rated rake

Credit: Reviewed.com/Jackson Ruckar

So many leaves, so little time.

Growing up as the middle child, I was always the one that got stuck doing the most hated chores—like raking our very large, very leaf-covered yard. I could have definitely used our experts' No. 1 rake, which is light enough that your arms won't be completely destroyed the next day yet heavy enough that it actually cleans up all the leaves effectively.

Get the Truper Tru Tough 24-inch Leaf Rake from Amazon for $64

3. This candle to get your pumpkin fix

Credit: Anthropologie

Like a PSL but in candle form.

There is no better scent—or flavor—than pumpkin spice. This is a fact, by the way, not an opinion. To make your house smell like all things fall, light one of these seasonal Anthropologie candles, which have a cult following for being long-lasting (they burn for up to 85 hours) and deliciously fragrant (this one has hints of pumpkin, orange zest, cinnamon, and clove).

Get the Anthropologie Capri Pumpkin Candle from Nordstrom for $30

4. This smart mug to keep your coffee hot

Credit: Ember

Never settle for lukewarm coffee again.

Hot coffee (or hot tea) is an absolute necessity in the fall. A room temperature cup of joe just isn't going to cut it when it's 40 degrees outside in the morning. This smart mug, which lets you control the warmth of your coffee through an app on your phone, will help prevent that. According to more than 1,000 positive reviews, it works surprisingly well and has a solid battery life.

Get the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug from Amazon for $79.95

5. This scarf you'll never want to take off

Credit: Madewell

Wrap yourself up in this colorful coziness.

Is it a scarf or a blanket? The correct answer would be both. This super soft blanket scarf from Madewell is lightweight enough to wear wrapped around your neck on a crisp fall day but oversized enough to double as a makeshift throw when you're freezing in your office.

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Get the Madewell Blanket Square Scarf from Nordstrom for $65

6. The best grill for tailgating

Credit: Reviewed.com/Betsey Goldwasser

Burgers or brats? We'll take both.

I look forward to football season all year long not for the game but for the tailgating, which is something that my family takes very seriously here in Baltimore. Behind every great tailgate is an ever better grill, like this one from Weber, which we found was the best portable gas grill we've ever tested. It has enough room to fit six burgers at once, along with sturdy side tables for prep. Even better, it folds up easily and compactly when you're all finished.

Get the Weber Q 1200 Grill from Amazon for $209

7. This brilliant tool for eating apples

Credit: Prepworks

Slice with ease.

Take it from one of the laziest cooks around (me!): This kitchen gadget will change your apple-eating life. Not only does it core the apple, but it also cuts it into 16 perfect wedges—all in one swift chop. A great gadget for anyone who has apple picking on their minds. If you don't believe me, you can believe the nearly 2,000 5-star reviews that the stainless steel slicer has on Amazon.

Get the Prepworks Apple Corer and Slicer from Amazon for $7.52

8. This sleeping bag that can fit the whole family

Credit: Sleepingo

Get ready for the coziest camping trip.

Maybe you have a young child that doesn't like to sleep alone. Or maybe you want to snuggle with your significant other. Or maybe you're like me and just hate how constricting standard twin-size sleeping bags are. The solution is this oversized one, which is the equivalent of a queen-size bed. And it's more than just super spacious—reviewers like that it's also waterproof and lightweight and that you can always unzip it into two individual sleeping bags as well.

Get the Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag from Amazon for $57.95

9. The best tissues for a runny nose

Credit: Reviewed.com/Jackson Ruckar

Sniffles begone!

I have such notoriously bad colds that when I was 12 years old, I was addicted to Vicks VapoRub (this is not a joke—I had to see a doctor to be "cured"). I also went through a ton of tissues and learned not all are created equal. To save your nose, use these from Puffs which we found were the our favorite tissues because they hold up well yet are gentle on your skin.

Get Puffs Ultra Soft Facial Tissues from Amazon for $5.36

10. This weighted blanket to curl up with

Credit: Gravity Blanket

Want better sleep or less stress? The Gravity Blanket can help with both.

If you don't have a weighted blanket yet, what are you waiting for? The day I got mine was the day my life changed (a little dramatic, yes, but also pretty true). We tested several and found that the Gravity Blanket was the best because it's super high quality and provides just the right amount of pressure—not too suffocating but not too light, either. Bonus: Unlike a lot of weighted blankets, it's machine-washable, too.

Get the Gravity Blanket from Amazon for $249

11. Our favorite slow cooker

Slow Cooker
Credit: Reviewed.com/Betsey Goldwasser

Set it and forget it.

Summer is over and also is the free time you had to spend whipping up a delicious dinner each night. Now that you're back in your busy fall routine, a slow cooker will be a weekday godsend. After testing some of the top brands out there, our experts preferred this Cuisinart model because not only did it cook food almost perfectly every time, it was also the easiest to use by far.

Get the Cuisinart 3-in-1 Cook Central 6-Quart Multi-Cooker from Amazon for $114.98

12. This expert-approved lotion for dry skin

Credit: CeraVe

Your skin, soothed.

Even a diehard fall fangirl like myself has to admit there are some not-so-great things that come with the change of seasons. For example,dry, cracked skin—which can fortunately be prevented (or soothed) with this CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, which is one of the most popular body creams on Amazon. It's also the number one dermatologist recommended moisturizer brand and its nearly 2,000 reviewers like that it hydrates their skin without leaving it feeling greasy.

Get the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream from Amazon for $14.24

13. This raincoat that's perfect for fall

Credit: Joules

Rain rain go away.

Finding a good raincoat is not easy. Too thick and you'll sweat to death, but when it's too thin, you'll end up soaked. According to its hundreds of positive reviews, this one from Joules is completely waterproof, still breathable, and—with its bright colors and nautical stripes—super stylish.

Get the Joules Coast Waterproof Hooded Jacket from Nordstrom for $139.95

14. This fire pit that doesn't need wood or charcoal

Credit: Outland Living

All you need is a tank of propane.

Bonfires are fun but cleaning them up? Not so much. What your backyard needs instead is this propane-powered fire pit, which uses natural lava rocks to make it completely mess-free. Reviewers like that it's lightweight and portable (so you can take it camping) and that it gives off the perfect amount of heat without the smoke.

Get the Outland Living Steel Propane Fire Pit from Wayfair for $118.99

15. This spray to protect your boots

Credit: UGG/Apple Brand

A spritz a day keeps the stains away.

With rain, mud, and salt, the fall (and the winter, for that matter) is not kind to your footwear. Keep your boots safe no matter the weather with this waterproofing spray, which users say works well on any fabric from leather to suede and doesn't damage or alter the original color of the shoe. Bonus: It helps prevent everyday stains, too.

Get the Apple Brand Rain & Stain Water Repellent from Amazon for $16.97

16. This must-have farmer's market accessory

Credit: CleverMade

Choose from 6 different patterns and colors.

Apples, squash, sunflowers, oh my! There's so much to stock up on at fall farmer's markets, so you'll need a basket like this canvas tote to carry all your produce and plants. It's received glowing reviews for being lightweight yet durable and easy to store in your car because it collapses completely flat when not in use.

Get the CleverMade SnapBasket from Amazon for $22.99

17. These socks from everyone's favorite boot brand

Credit: Hunter

Keep your toes toasty this fall.

Hunter is basically the Lululemon of rain boots. So it's no surprise that their boot accessories are just as high-quality and comfy—like these socks which prevent the age-old problem of your socks slipping down uncomfortably in your boots. Made of fleece with a sweater-knit cuff, they also provide just the right amount of warmth on dreary fall days.

Get the Hunter Cable Knit Boot Socks from Nordstrom for $50

18. The prettiest wineglasses for your fall parties

Credit: Anthropologie

Adding these to my Thanksgiving tablescape ASAP.

I'm the queen of impulse purchases, and these were my most recent buy while I was searching for a wedding gift for my best friend (whoops). After all, who can turn down wineglasses shaped like pumpkins? The gold rim adds an elegant touch and they're the perfect size for any autumnal cocktail.

Get the Sabrina Pumpkin Tumblers from Anthropologie for $56

19. This gadget that will make pumpkin carving easier

Credit: Dakota Products

Time to fire up the drill.

I've been carving a jack o'lantern every year since I was a kid. And while scooping out all the slime and seeds was fun when I was eight (and could torture my older sister with it), it's significantly less fun—and significantly more of a messy hassle—as an adult. Enter the Pumpkin Gutter, which is an attachment for your drill that happy users say saved them a ton of time while carving.

Get the Pumpkin Gutter from Amazon for $11.99

20. This fleece to keep your pup warm

Credit: Gooby

The Gooby vest comes in 17 different fun colors.

You aren't the only one that gets cold when the temperatures start to drop. Your dog does, too—which is why you'll want to cover them up in one of these fleece vests. Pet owners rave that they're lightweight yet warm and are easy to take on and off. And when your pup is done playing, you can simply toss it in the washing machine to clean it.

Get the Gooby Fleece Vest from Amazon for $11.80

21. This mess-free s'mores maker

Credit: S'more to Love

The s'more the better.

Chocolate + gooey marshmallows + graham crackers = the ultimate fall dessert. You don't even need a bonfire to make s'mores thanks to this cute contraption which sits directly on your grill. Reviewers love that it lets you make the tasty treat in bulk (it fits up to six s'mores at once) and that it's quick and easy to use (your s'mores will be ready in less than five minutes!).

Get the S'more to Love Six-S'more Maker from Amazon for $13.86

22. This game for endless outdoor entertainment

Credit: SKLZ

Ready, set, hike!

Soak up the amazing weather that comes with early fall (60s and sunny, yes please!) with a game of flag football in the backyard. A favorite for a lot of families during football season—and on Thanksgiving—this set has such a high rating on Amazon because it holds up well over time and because the adjustable belts fit kids and adults alike.

Get the SKLZ 10-Man Flag Football Deluxe Set from Amazon for $13.73

23. This genius soup bowl

Credit: Lakeside Collection

Dinner is served.

What's tomato soup without grilled cheese for dipping? Or cream of crab soup without some crusty bread? Enjoy your favorite soup-and-side pairing with this bowl which has a built-in dish to keep them separate. Reviewers gave it high marks because it's convenient, oven-safe, and even has a handle so you can carry it from the kitchen to the couch with ease.

Get the Stoneware Soup & Side Bowl from Amazon for $18.98

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