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Medical Needs


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What to Look For

Since they offer a more thorough cleaning than handwashing, dishwashers can be quite useful for those with compromised immune systems.

Sanitize Function Make sure that the dishwasher you're buying can heat up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, as it will be able to sanitize your dishes. Most home dishwashers cannot sterilize dishes.

Cutting Boards After slicing meat or anything else that may contain harmful bacteria, wash your cutting boards in a dishwasher. Any dishwasher with an adjustable bottom rack can usually fit such a large item.

Toothbrushes If you need to make sure toothbrushes are sanitized after each use, put them through the dishwasher in the cutlery basket.

Drying Function Turn on the drying function of your dishwasher, as wet dishes can harbor bacteria.

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