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The Best Tech Products for Back-to-School of 2019

Looking for the best back-to-school tech? Here are our favorite picks.

The Best Smart Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Monitors of 2019

These smart alarms will alert you even if you aren't home.

The Best Smart Bulbs for Apple HomeKit of 2019

The Best Smart Bulbs for Apple HomeKit of 2019

The Best Smart Bulbs For Amazon Alexa of 2019

These are the best smart light bulbs that work with Alexa.

The Best Smart Switches and Dimmers for Apple HomeKit of 2019

Here are the top smart switches and dimmers that work with Apple HomeKit.

The Best Video Baby Monitors of 2019

Looking for a smart camera or a traditional baby monitor? We've got you covered.

The Best Smart In-Wall Dimmer Switches of 2019

These dimmers are perfect for Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.

The Best Smart In-Wall Switches of 2019

These switches will make any light or appliance smart

8 ways Echo devices can make back to school season easier

Here's how the Echo Spot can help establish a back-to-school routine.

You can now buy a 'smart' faucet—but is it worth the money?

That Wi-Fi capability and voice activation comes at a cost.

10 ways an Amazon Echo can help kids prep for back to school

These Alexa skills can help your kid get ready to go back to school.

I can't use my arms—here's how tech makes life easier

Smart home tech makes it easier for people with disabilities to be independent

10 smart products for your dorm room that are actually worth it

Check out our recommendations on how to build a smart dorm room.

I tried a smart oil diffuser—now I can't live without it

The Pura smart essential oil diffuser is my favorite smart home gadget.

I got an Echo Show during Prime Day—how do I use it?

Did you get a new Echo Show on Prime Day? Here's how to use it.

How to set up Echo Show for video calls—and more tips

Here's how to do that and make calls with any Echo device.

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